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This Dad Had the Perfect Hack When His Breastfeeding Baby Only Wanted Mom

  • Wed, 14 Mar 2018 10:46
Post by Lauren Levy.

Breastfeeding baby drinking pumped milk

For the first nine months, it’s pretty much up to mom to physically do everything for baby. So once that little one is born it’s time for dad to jump in. However if mom is breastfeeding, that’s the one newborn area where it’s hard to completely tag team, especially when kiddos refuse to take a bottle. This can leave new moms drained (both physically and emotionally) while their partners feel helpless. But one dad came up with a clever hack to overcome this problem when his daughter only wanted mom and her boob instead of his bottle.

As a father of five, Anthony Favors knows his way around a bottle and wanted to soothe his daughter while his wife was at work. But his little girl only wanted mom, Shalanda, because she breastfeeds and dad’s nipple is worthless to her so Anthony improvised: He cut a hole in his shirt and poked a bottle with breast milk through it. “Tricked her lil ass,” he wrote on Facebook.

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Not only was Favors’ solution comical, it was also effective. Shalanda explained on Facebook that she breastfeeds 25 minutes on each side and then pumps or hand expresses in order to have a stash of milk for when she’s gone. But the stored milk doesn't help when their baby only wants the boob and not a bottle. “Everybody keep asking us did this work for my husband ??? yes it did," she wrote on Facebook. "Photo creds to my oldest daughter Ca’Miya lol all jokes aside though awesome father ????”

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However to Favors, it’s his wife and her dedication to breastfeeding that deserves all of the praise. “Anything for my babies,” he commented. “That breastfeeding be killing her damn nipple gone be on the floor #Salute to the #BreastFeedingMothers my wife is the sh*t I don't know how she do it.”

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