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Macron tells MEPs to defend Europe’s ‘unique identity’

  • Tue, 17 Apr 2018 20:39

French President Emmanuel Macron called on MEPs to defend Europe’s “unique identity” in the face of growing authoritarianism in the continent, linking it with his own plans to speed up reform of the EU.

In his first speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg since becoming French leader almost a year ago, Mr Macron rejected the idea that the rise of “illiberal” governments meant that European democracy was now “consigned to impotence”. 

His address to MEPs follows Viktor Orban’s third consecutive victory as Hungarian prime minister after a campaign that was strong on anti-migrant and Eurosceptic policies. Brussels is also locked in a long-running conflict with Poland’s rightwing government over the rule of law. 

“I want to take the firm choice to defend democracy,” Mr Macron said. “I don’t want to belong to a generation of sleepwalkers that has forgotten its own past.”

France is among a group of countries demanding that tougher conditions are placed on central and eastern European governments if they flout EU rules.

Paris is also seeking to reinforce European integration, including pushing for a bigger EU funding pot after the UK departs from the bloc.

“No ambition level must be too high [for the EU budget]. We must add new ambitions and that is what France will be doing in the coming months,” Mr Macron said.

“We need a road map that gives a staged approach to banking union and a fiscal capacity that allows for convergence in the eurozone.”

However, France’s plans have ignited fierce opposition from conservative German MPs who fear their taxpayers will be forced to pay for failing banks or governments in other parts of Europe.



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