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Alert cops avert ATM robbery bid, 1 held

  • Wed, 14 Feb 2018 12:36

The alert policemen on patrol duty in Kamakshipalaya averted an ATM robbery bid in the wee hours of Tuesday and arrested a welder.

The police arrested Harish U (35), a resident of Kottigepalaya for around 15 years and a native of Uttaranchal, while he was attempting to break open the Axis bank ATM in Kottigepalaya.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Rajanna and constable Bellappa were on patrolling duty near the Kottigepalaya bus stand at around 3 am when they noticed some suspicious activity in the kiosk.

When the suspect sensed the presence of the police, he came out of the kiosk and ran to the first floor of the building.

The police chased the man and apprehended him, the police said.

During questioning, Harish, who does fabrication works in Sunkadakatte, told that he had borrowed some loans form his friends and they wanted it back. So he decided to rob the ATM as it had no security guard. He had removed the screws of the ATM panels.

However, he could not access the cash box. The Kamakshipalaya police have registered a case in which they have made the bank officials also the accused as they had not deployed a security guard.

Deccan Herald - City



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