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50 Baby Boy Names Currently Trending Around the World but Not in the US

  • Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:39
Post by Elena Donovan Mauer.

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When it comes to naming a baby boy, it might seem tricky to come up with a name that seems out-of-the-box here in the US. Name like William, James, Jacob, Michael, and Alexander are perennial favorites. And while we certainly love a classic name, there are literally millions of boy names to choose from. Getting some inspiration from other parts of the world might help in coming up with something that feels a little different but has longevity and meaning.

Thankfully, Laura Wattenberg and her team at Baby Name Wizard track the top names in countries around the world.

"Every one of our lists is based on official statistics," she explains. "We looked to statistics bureaus and newspapers and found the current top name trends from around the world. Just know that not every country bothers to track baby names, so we couldn't include every country."

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The cool thing about baby names is that even though names can vary widely, there are certain trendy names that are popular in different parts of the world, thanks to today's modern forms of communication.

"Parents around the world are still somewhat more conservative with boys names vs. girls' names," says Wattenberg. "But that's starting to change."

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So for parents looking for boy name ideas that have history but also aren't found in every kindergarten in America, looking to other countries' top names might be just the thing. Want to know which boy names are topping baby name charts in Australia, Japan, South Africa, Colombia, Italy, and many other countries around the world? Look no further.

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