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5 Insanely Romantic Things to Plan for Valentine’s Day

  • Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:49

Valentine’s Day is just several hours away but as you are super busy gal like I am, then you need to think harder to come up with the last-minute, romantic activities to enjoy with your significant other. Have trouble coming up with any ideas? Stop trying and keep reading. I have got some for you:

1. Plan a day of hooky

We spend most of our times working and some of us can barely find a day to relax. If you and your partner have jam-packed schedules and you rarely have a chance of spending the entire day together, plan a day of hooky this Valentine’s Day. Disconnect from the world and enjoy each other’s company. Trust me, nothing will happen to your job and the world will keep going.

2. Involve in a fabulously sensual foreplay

Okay, when the hooky day is impossible and you have no time for planning something oh-so incredible and romantic, just add a sensual foreplay to your Valentine’s Day night. Give each other a sensual massage. Play some romantic music, set mood lighting, or simply light a few scented candles.

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3. Make your romantic dinner together

It is so tempting to head to the nearest restaurant or grab a take away, but why not make romantic dinner together? Either you want to cook your favorite meals or try some Pinterest-inspired Valentine’s Day recipes, have fun together! If the two of you are really bad cookers, that is even better since it might be a challenging way to spend the most romantic day of the year.

4. Plan a last-minute picnic

Once both of you feel bored, plan a last-minute romantic picnic. It does not take too much effort to prepare for it – a bottle of wine, chocolate, and a few sandwiches will be enough to tame your hunger and add a lovely buzz to the evening.

5. Boost your mood by going for a bike ride

If you do not own the bikes, make sure you rent them today. Getting the pedals in motion is a wonderful bonding activity, and most importantly, it is a fun and healthy way to spend Valentine’s Day. You can combine your bike ride with a romantic picnic as well.

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Here you have it; some inspiring, romantic ways to spend Valentine’s Day when you and your significant other are busy, on a budget, or simply have no idea what to do on February 14th. Feel free to share your own ideas in the comments.



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