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40 Seriously Flexible Breastfeeding Babies Doing #Gymnurstics

  • Tue, 17 Apr 2018 14:54
Post by Jacqueline Burt Cote.


As every mom of an older baby or toddler knows, it's nearly impossible to get little ones to sit still, even for a meal -- and that goes for breastfeeding kids, too! In fact, it's so common for tots to fidget like circus performers while feeding that the behavior has spawned a (completely hilarious) hashtag, #gymnurstics -- and the corresponding photos are so funny, it hurts (kind of like when a baby is trying to do a headstand and nurse from Mom at the same time).

Don't worry about hiring a coach. In order to practice gymnurstics at home, a baby or toddler doesn't need to be a professional gymnast. They just need to be hungry, busy, and on the go -- which is pretty much a given for this age set. There is, however, some extreme flexibility required, but that's on Mom's end. One has to have a) a very flexible spirit -- because this ain't easy or fun or pretty, and b) very flexible breasts, which we're pretty sure we all have after breastfeeding for the longer haul. It's amazing all the ways they'll go!

In other words, ready, set, gymnurstics! Go, Mom, go! 

Read on to see photos of moms comically struggling through feeding sessions with tiny toes stuck in their noses and chubby legs slung over their shoulders. We promise it'll make all moms feel better about their own mini gymnast's wild ways!

#gymnurstics: It's not an Olympic sport. But it should be. 

Nursing Toddler Doing a Headstand

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