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15 People Share Their Real-Life Haunted House Stories

  • Mon, 16 Apr 2018 11:05
Post by Maressa Brown.

little girl in bed ghost

From the logistics to the actual labor of packing and unpacking, moving can be a truly stressful experience. Then, getting settled into a home (not to mention neighborhood and/or town) is another issue, especially when a family has kids. But coming in touch with another dimension in a home that appears to be haunted? Well, that's on a whole different level. And no, haunted houses do not only exist in horror movies.

Whether a house has simply been occupied by its long-gone initial resident or seems to be located in an area that's particularly energized to attract supernatural activity, ghosts and real estate seem to go hand-in-hand. And even in the case of ghosts who don't seem to want to create much trouble, there's nothing that can send a chill up the spine speedier than thinking about living, sleeping, and raising kids alongside restless spirits.

From encounters with benevolent spirits to run-ins with poltergeists that seem to love to wreak havoc all around a home, and even experiences that lead to capturing telling orbs on film, the following women share 15 stories of living in haunted houses. Even the most skeptical may become believers upon reading these eerie, real-life tales of coming in contact with the other side while doing nothing more than spending time right at home.

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